The Bakes

Snipped Star Loaves


At the risk of sounding like a flour nerd, I say that Maris Widgeon is the rare English wheat variety that has provided one of the main ingredients for these lovely loaves. It makes up part of half the flour I have used here, an organic white bread flour. The other half is a quality organic granary flour.


I’ve heard it half-jokingly said that using the word ‘rustic’ often comes into play when things haven’t quite turned out right, a kind of acceptable excuse for imperfection.

It’s the very imperfect, and somewhat imprecise, nature of scissor-snipping that makes me rejoice in rustic!


Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Buttercream


Following on from Donna’s Birthday Cake back in February, I continue to explore a style of decorating. A plastic piping nozzle has been the tool of choice here.

I made this cake for a lovely couple, friends of ours, in exchange for some essential supplies, grabbing a couple of photos before delivery.

Beneath the coating lies three layers of moist red velvet sponge.


Caraway Crackers


Making crisp bread for the first time, I found that the biggest effort goes into rolling out the dough nice and thin!


Together with an egg, olive oil, water, poppy seeds and caraway seeds, I’ve used plain flour, but it could have been wholemeal, a mixture of the two, or maybe something else like Spelt, Rye, Buckwheat, or whatever. Experimentation surely lies ahead.


The permutation possibilities go on. Caraway could be fennel, cumin, or maybe coriander. Even chopped fresh herbs such as rosemary or thyme. Maybe a combination?


As for the elbow grease needed for rolling out, I think this might be dispensed with next time if my pasta-making machine steps up to the mark!