The Bakes

Helter Skelter Roulade



I’m thrilled to have literally turned a standard dessert on it’s head!


This is basically a classic Mary Berry chocolate roulade. A no-flour, gluten-free, super-light sponge with a whipped cream and fresh raspberry filling.


The ingredients list couldn’t be more straightforward. Dark chocolate, six separated eggs, caster sugar, cocoa powder, double cream, raspberries and icing sugar.


However, I’ve introduced a twist to the method at the point of assembly by re-shaping the rectangular sponge into a long triangle before rolling, up-ending, and ending up with something a little different.


Nectarine and Blueberry Greek Yoghurt Cake


Using Greek yoghurt with a relatively small amount of butter has made for something that is so pleasingly smooth and moist, not to mention lower in fat.


This combination of fruit is a tried and tasted winner for me. It’s very reminiscent of a traybake, which also includes lavender, that went down so well earlier in the year.


Butter, sugar and eggs are beaten together. A little vanilla extract, together with Greek yoghurt is added. Dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and bicarb) are then introduced and combined.


Into a cake tin it all goes, sliced nectarines and blueberries are arranged on top, and then it’s 45 minutes at 160 fan.

A simple peach of a cake (or should I say nectarine?)



Seaside Pasties


Oh I do like these.

When they emerged from the oven, the fanfare I imagined was a brass band playing tiddley-om-pom-pom!

Then I imagined them providing the perfect snack on a windswept sand-duned beach on a wet Welsh November afternoon.


Inside the egg-glazed shells of traditional cornish pasty pastry is a spicy filling of curried chickpeas and prawns. Sunflower seeds provide the finishing touch.



Orange Marmalade Cake


I’d never baked anything in an ice cream bombe mould before, but this seemed like an ideal opportunity to give it a go.

The two semi-spherical halves of the casing sat alongside each other in the oven, containing between them the all-in-one sponge mixture (all of the ingredients had been simply combined in a bowl).


Once de-moulded, cooled and assembled into a globe, the sponge was spooned over with warmed marmalade and sprinkled with zest, with a little sugar paste snippet to finish.


Lemon Tarts


On a woefully wet Saturday afternoon, I baked these little rays of sunshine.

The trendy London patisserie that is Baker and Spice has provided the recipe. Eggs, ground almonds and lemon zest contribute to a beautifully crisp and sweet pastry. A little addition of my own, rose water, has gone in too.


For the filling, it’s eggs, cornflour, lemon juice and zest, caster sugar and butter. To finish, swirled melted chocolate.