‘Stars in the rise’ loaf


Here’s a not-so-plain white loaf.


I made a dough as if a cottage or maybe a coburg was intended. A beaten egg was brushed over to hold a sprinkling of poppy and sesame seeds.

But before a final making-ready-for-the-oven prove, out came the kitchen scissors. Snip-snip-snip-snip-snip, and a star was born with five more to follow.


This is my take on what is known as a ‘porcupine’ or ‘rumpy’ loaf, where similar blade or scissor action is called for.


Soft White Baps


Soft but not simple.

I’ve followed Dan Lepard’s method here. This firstly calls for a yeast sponge which unusually includes a little cornflour with the strong white bread flour, easy-blend yeast and water. After two and a half hours, a majestic bubbly mass is revealed in the covered bowl. This is then combined with a mixture of water, milk and melted butter. Then more flour, cornflour, salt and sugar is introduced. A soft dough is formed. Then, rather than the customary ten minute workout of continuous kneading, there are just three short ten second kneads spread over a thirty minute period. At long last, after final forty-five minute prove of the flour-dusted spheres, and twenty-five minutes in a very hot oven, Dan’s your uncle.



Plain flour, a pinch of salt, a little melted butter and a smattering of fennel seeds has gone into the carefully folded and pinched pastry for these Samosas which have then gone into the hot oil for deep frying.

The left over vegetable curry from yesterday has provided the filling for today.

Bramble and Bramley Pie


The wild blackberries are starting to fizzle out in the hedgerow as autumn deepens. But I managed to muster about a pound to add to a similar weight of apple.

This is a double crust pie, sweet shortcrust pastry below as well as above the fruit. I’m pretty pleased with the sweet triple berry adornment too.