Dutch Oven Loaf


Introducing my alternative bread oven.


Inside the enamel pot, I have placed a metal cookie cutter, on top of which sits a cake tin ready to receive the prepared dough.

A little water initially lies at the base of the pot, and after preheating with the lid on, the loaf cooks for about 40 minutes in the enclosed sauna.


A soft crust, although a crust none the less, is formed with minimal browning.


The steam-nurtured loaf is well risen, and the crumb has an open texture.


Here’s a loaf that cuts beautifully, and makes great toast.


Winston Knot Loaf


Who says a plain white loaf has to be a pain white loaf?


A so simple list of ingredients (strong white flour, salt, rapid-rise yeast, olive oil and water), but a not-so-simple fashioning. After a bit of practice though, my knotting technique seems to be coming on quite well.

And because I wanted a nice well defined crust to really show off the form, I added some steam to the oven during the bake.