Apple, Walnut and Cinnamon Cake

‘Help yourself’ read the invitation next to a basket of Bramley Apple windfalls.

No sooner carried home from the autumn afternoon walk, than peeled cored and grated to become part of the ever-so-simple everything-in-a-bowl Mary Berry special.

With the crunchy sugary walnuty crust and the moist cinnamony fruitiness beneath, the combination of texture and flavour is beautiful.

Homity Parcel

I’ve experimented with various ideas for how I think the humble Homity Pie should look.

Finally this is it. This is the one that feels exactly right.

I wanted to find a most simple basic way to encase the potato, onion and cheese filling.

This is the honest, rustic look I was after. It’s a kind of open puff pastry pastie. It’s my Homity Parcel.