Cranberry Chelsea Buns


Originally made famous almost three centuries ago by the Chelsea Bun House in London (where the hot cross bun was also claimed to have been invented).

I’ve found a number of recipe variations, although all seem to agree on the basic dough ingredients of strong white flour, sugar, yeast, milk and an egg. Here I have also included some grated nutmeg.


Recipe differences tend to be mainly to do with the filling, although most go for sultanas, currants or raisins in varying proportions. Also mixed peel is usually on the list. I found one recipe suggesting chopped dried apricots. Here I’ve just gone for a filling of dried cranberries, together with sugar and cinnamon.


Glazing can vary too. From a sticky mixture of brown sugar, butter, milk and honey (poured over before baking). To an apricot glaze and a zesty icing drizzle. To my chosen post-baking finish which is simply a stock syrup and a sprinkling of nibbed sugar.



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