Naan Khaane Kee Thaalee.

This is how you say ‘eating plate’ in Hindi (car – nee – kee – tar – lee).

So that’s what I’ve decided to call my naan bread that is also the plate for the curry.

I doubled the quantities for making a standard naan, rolled out the dough nice and large, placed it over a pre-heated upturned metal dish on a baking tray, and baked as normal with the oven dialled up to eleven (Spinal Tap reference) for about three minutes.

The Khaane Kee Thaalee shown above is just awaiting a final spell under the grill.


To enjoy, simply break off pieces of naan from around the outer edges, scoop up the spicy contents from the centre, then finish of the remaining (now curry-flavoured) naan that lies beneath.

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